UX Tools & UI Free Resources

Check our freebies and enhance your design process. We help organizations improve how they conduct workshops across product discovery, problem definition and ideation stage.

Gamenite UI Kit

Download our Gaming UI kit that's easy to use in your daily work. Visualizing concepts never been easier.

Impact map

Impact map is a tool which helps your team to validate if proposed solutions have positive impact for the humans & business.

Persona canvas

Classic persona canvas recommended by our team - this is the version which we use during our workshops.

UX Product MVP

UX Product MVP canvas helps you validate how clients judge & understand key factors of the product experience.

Service Evaluation

Our custom canvas that helps to evaluate the product and service AS-IS. Used when you map current problems, gaps as well as strong areas of the current solution.

Transition Card

Trends are constantly changing - this tool helps to identify new areas of opportunities and symptoms of change.

UX Kick-off card

How to start every UX project? Which steps are obligatory to have a solid start and common understanding of the challenge.

Feedback garage

Simple tool which we use in our workshops to gather and store different information about the project - sometimes just to save important topics for later.