We craft unique digital experiences

Our aim is to help you solve business problems by creating thoughtful experiences and keeping your users engaged to your product.

Why we are different?

Movade’s handcrafted approach, we are different.

We like to listen, question, push boundaries and seek out new possibilities giving you the best results for your project.

Movade’s handcrafted approach

50% off for first kick-off meeting. Period.

Every new project starts with a kick-off meeting. We gather all stakeholders and do a one day workshop, so you get to know our handcrafted process. Afterwards decide if you are ready to elevate your product to next level.

Absolute flexibility. You are free to go whenever you want.

We appreciate flexibility and dont force for long-term commitments. We work in month blocks and give you the decision when our partnership fulfilled.

Visible artefacts of partnership. Get verified prototype after we are done.

Our work is based on strong insights, not assumptions. Everytime we work on a product, we deliver world-class design and test prototypes with real people. We document even the smalles changes to keep you updated.

Why we are different?

We work internationally. Distance is not an excuse for us.

Althought we prefer working hand in hand with our clients, during the years we developed an efficient workflow using online tools.

We stand with the design community

Movade’s founders were one of the first to organize dedicated UX and Product Design workshops on large scale in Poland in 2013. Since then, it’s been our tradition to organize various events under Design Skills brand.

Our designers have space for experiments

At Movade we always seek for innovative ways of solving problems. To make it happen, we dedicate 20% of our worktime for non-commercial projects and unleash our inner UX beasts.

We study people in their daily lives

There is no a better way to understand a user perspective than give him a product and observe. It is crucial to discover true needs, pains and motivations in order to make a succesful, desirable product.