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UX Research System

We conduct no single research activity but rather a whole handcrafted system that helps you understand your customers better - by combining quantitative and qualitative methods.

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„I will help you find an effective way to build a communication bridge with users.”

I believe that empathy is a key factor in a good research work. Great products are built only by understanding users’ real motivations. There is no coincidence in successful projects. My team will help you establish a Research system suitable to your product.

Mateusz Ojdowski UX Researcher, Co-founder Movade
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Research-based 360 overview

We audit your research capabilities and suggest methods that are fairly easy to implement.
We work out the KPIs which will help us to track progress in your product evolution.


Validating business ideas

Whether you have a great startup idea or a MVP for a new product, it’s worth spending a while verifying your assumptions. Make sure you built a right, profitable product or quit it before it’s no turning back.


Conversion improvement

Ever wonder why users bounce from your site? Why they spend so little time on your app? Or on the contrary - a simple task needs much more attention than you previously assumed? Do not leave it to chance and have a solid numbers on that.


Customer-centric organization

You know that a modern organization cannot offer their products or services without working with their users but you still lack experience how to implement it? We can help you change your process so that Research is inseparable step in your development.


Web app that meets user needs

There is always a temptation to say that everything is important for our user. The truth is, it never is. A truly functional dashboard present user data that allows him or her to quickly make decisions, without unnecessary delay. Make sure you diagnosed this precisely.

Closer to the users means better product.

The purpose of the Research System is to establish a culture of constant exposure to people feedback. I will help you choose the right methods for your organization, so that research-based decision making is a habit.

User interviews



Data analytics


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Let’s talk how we can enchance design process in your organization.

Do you think it could work in yourcase? For sure have some questions and doubts because every project is unique. It’s normal, but what for we are here? Schedule a 45 minutes call to get more knowledge about our team, work and skills. It’s always nice to meet a new person.

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