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Design Sprint with Movade

Hi, working together in a sprint, can shortcut the endless-debate cycle and compress months of time into a single week. The best option to kick-off a new project, make a huge progress and save resources.

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Design Sprint means faster results.

A Design Sprint at Movade is a 5-day process. Only one week for creating a new product, or redesigning an existing one. You don't need to start coding to validate chosen business direction.

Mariusz Muraszko Head of UX - Movade
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Design Sprint Schedule

Invest only a week to receive a Prototype

It's all about creating a first version of your prototype in finite time. One challenge, five days and a group of engaged stakeholders, designers and facilitators.

Build it the right way

Our sprint is characterized by the desire to have the fastest, relatively low cost verification of your project assumptions. We’ve created the process and tools suited to the realities of work in different innovative initiatives. The whole 5-day sprint is very transversal and comprehensive.

5-day sprint
How does it look like?


Day 1:
Understanding & Map

During the first day we want to gather input and information from every project stakeholder.

We define business constraints, requirements as well as user needs and jobs-to-be-done. The core personas are defined, the high level constraints are spoken.


Day 2:
Sketching & Deciding

It’s all about generating a lot of ideas and deciding about the final one.

We stimulate our creativeness to find innovative ways of solving old problems in a new way. Looking for our own and unique way to differentiate your product from other services.


Day 3: Choose the right
solution & refine it

We start the third day with a bunch of ideas from the previous day. Initial task is to select a narrow group of potential solutions for further development. Participants are divided into groups. Each of the groups have the concept to play with and grow. As an effect we come up with three mature concepts, presented by group leaders.


Day 4:
Creating a prototype

The pretendent solution is polished. Our role is to create a prototype of your product that “sells” the Value Propositions. Simultaneously the team works on defining business and technological constraints, thinking about the first release of the product. Intensive process of recruiting participants for tomorrow's test is ongoing, although it’s best to book them in advance.


Day 5:
Testing the prototype with real users

The final day is all about testing the solution and gathering feedback from potential end users. The Project Team is divided into groups and asked to do interviews. Some interviews are done in-person, some remotely. Our purpose is to verify hypothesis, acknowledge what worked well and what needed further improvements to deploy a successful product.

Next step:
Show the results to the board

With product in your hand, and real user insights (even a video recordings) you can present all the results for the decision makers. Finally decide if you’re ready to iterate and finish the product or just try to sell the idea further and work more with the fundaments of the concept.

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Let’s talk how we can enchance design process in your organization.

Do you think it could work in yourcase? For sure have some questions and doubts because every project is unique. It’s normal, but what for we are here? Schedule a 45 minutes call to get more knowledge about our team, work and skills. It’s always nice to meet a new person.

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