Verify your idea in 30 days

Our team will translate your business goals into insightful UX & remarkable prototype.

Starts from $25 000

Hi, I’m Michal. Nice to meet you.

I’m a Product Designer and 30 days prototype Product Owner.
Talking with you about new prototype will be a pleasure.
Meet me on the video below.

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why you should do this

The best way to get Proof of Concept. Product, business, concept.

You don’t need to try. We know how to create great, remarkable product. Don’t waste your time, give us a chance and let’s create great PoC based on our digital experience and skills.

Real Market Feedback

„I don’t like the refund option - you need to improve the add button. I can’t see this button.”

Michael Jordan

market feedback

Real feed from your market is the real value

We know how to design create usable and effective solutions. From idea, implementation through testing phase. Mobile and desktop apps, we are good in both.

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Business Model
Subscription 67% License 33%
Business model

Verified business model concept of your product

Main question in your business is to how to earn money , how to charge your customers? The basic of your business is solid revenue streams. We know that and we can figure it out specially for you.

other activities

Things we conduct during the month. Valuable things.

We never forget about other values. Regardless UX and UI other actions is so important to design great product. See what actions we do in our work.

example of final effect

What we deliver in 30 days is the most important thing

Digital product happens when User Experience and User Interface fits to your target. We deliver high quality designs on clickable prototype.

roadmapa of your project

30 days to get clickable prototype. No bullshit.

You have to know our process and understand it. The whole 30 days are described on specific timeline you can see here. Looking forward for final effect is so excited.

first week We need to know more about your product. Interviews, kick-off, inspirations, benchmarks.
interviews kick-off inspirations benchmarks
adrian rymuza product designer - responsible for outcome this week
First Week Outcome

We verify all hypothesis
with real users and
deliver few reports.

second week We do all our best to get the best ideas to present during this week.
backlog personas sketches ideas
michał michańczyk product designer - responsible for outcome this week
second Week Outcome

We make our ideas on
paper, in digital or in
our minds.

third week We design high quality solutions, based on first two weeks.
hi-fi ux hi-fi designs tests
michał michańczyk product designer - responsible for outcome this week
third Week Outcome

First high quality designs
are on your side to get
a look.

fourth week We test and design clickable prototype to get more feedback from your market.
tests prototype review
michał michańczyk product designer - responsible for outcome this week
fourth Week Outcome

We deliver clickable
prototype with high
quality designs.


We deliver. Prototype and much more.

Clickable prototype is the main product we deliver, but also we deliver a lot of soft values. Everything is done by our side, so keep calm and look forward for final effect.

on time

less emails
more effects

every week
call or meeting

responsible person
for your project


let’s talk about your organization

Hi, my name is Michal. I will take care of your product. Let’s talk.

Still got some questions about 30 days prototype? It’s normal, but what for we are here? Schedule a 45 minutes call to get more knowledge about our team, work and skills. It’s always nice to meet a new person.

I will call you in 24 hours.