Fintech startup case study

Product Design


A helping hand
for entreprenuers.

Our fintech startup solves all the financial issues with contractors,
so business owners can fully focus on their job.


main problem

How to effectively recover money from unpaid invoices
and mantain friendly relationship with clients

During a 5-day sprint we managed to create a prototype based on an adequate communication style .


The big pieces we identified to be solved

During our first kick-off meeting we discussed further steps and marked areas to explore. We worked closely with the team, diving deeply into better understanding and immersion of the project.

research & discovery

Are we trying to solve a real problem?

ux strategy from scratch

How to create an easily accessible product

create a solid value proposition

What is the real value behind the product?

increase user experience by workshops

Create a proper communication style

design process

This startup started with a 5 days long design sprint

Starting only with a scratch of idea we needed to prove that this direction is worth investing.
We gathered all the important stakeholders in one place
to create and verify a digital prototype in one week.

  1. Discovery
  2. Ideation
  3. Sketching
  4. design & prototype
  5. user testing

The entire process of going from a problem or business need through a concept and finally to release and gathering user’s feedback.


How the MVP Prototype looked like? (created within 1 day)

Let's get back to project beginning.
In just 5 days we had all the answers that helped us to make a decision of launching a new product. Those are design just after a Design Sprint.
Just after the Design Sprint Product owner went to a board meeting with a new knowledge from user testing phase. We were waiting for yes / no decision for further development.

What were the main identified features during user tests?

Friendly & Fast Invoice Adding

When thinking about adding new invoices we looked for the most user friendly and quick way to complete the process. That's why we decided to divide it into 3 steps - contractor data, invoice details and payment for the service. That way user doesn't get overwhelmed by too

Whole project cost consumes a lot of time and energy. Unclear requirements make estimation and valuation difficult. Creative process require a lot of dialogue. Understanding many channels might be a hassle. Clear task delegation, obvious responsibilities and comprehensive definition of done - these are every manager challenges.

Easy Navigation Between Invoices

One of our goals was to design a platform that is easy to use right at the first sight. We understood how valuable it is to have a clear overview of the paymenent status and to be able to react quickly.

As for the entreprenuers, keeping it all simple and in one place helps manage their business and not waste time on annoying tasks.

Big, Clear Invoices for a Quicker Overview

Entreprenuers hate wasting their precious time. We kept in mind that fact when approaching the design of invoices.

Our priority was to keep everything clear and clean. Large headline helps identifying contractors and carefully thought layuot makes it easy to notice the most important data.


user tested


months - project length


screens designed

Movade - Portfolio showreel from 2019

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