Get to know us and our intentions - because they determine the approach to our work

We help increase the value of the product based on a deep understanding of customer needs, research, analysis and business metrics. Great design is the final result of our work.

Why do we stand-out?

Quality, Passion, UX knowledge.
We know-how to work with your product

You are in the right place if you need committed, honest and hungry for success UX designers and UX researchers.
We like to listen, search for answers, evidence, cross borders and look for new opportunities that will give the best results for your project.

We present an action plan for each project:

UX Roadmap Movade
Movade’s handcrafted approach

We always start with a joint UX workshop - Design Kick-off.

Each new project begins with an inaugural meeting. We collect all stakeholders and run workshops to screen the critical elements of your product. Thanks to this, you'll learn about the further work process - but most importantly, you'll get to know us, verify our knowledge, experience, and way of communication. It's worth finding out how much value we can add to your product.

We really know about UX - that's why you can opt out at any time.

We appreciate flexibility and do not force long-term commitments. We work in monthly blocks and constantly decide whether it is worth developing the product together. We are constantly motivated to prove that it is worth working with us. 

From the beginning, we will develop and iterate the prototype

Want to find out what really works on your product?
We work through experiments, not only improving solutions, but above all, jointly verifying key hypotheses about the direction of your product development.

We are successively conducting research and interviews with users.

Co warto wiedzieć?

We work internationally. Distance is not an excuse for us.

Althought we prefer working hand in hand with our clients, during the years we developed an efficient workflow using online tools. also conducting online UX Workshops.

We stand with the design community

Movade’s founders were one of the first to organize dedicated UX and Product Design workshops on large scale in Poland in 2013. Since then, it’s been our tradition to organize various events under Design Skills brand.

Our designers take the initiative and have space for experiments

At Movade, we're always looking for innovative ways to solve problems. To make this happen, we devote 20% of our time to non-commercial projects to free our internal UX beasts or propose a whole new approach to the client's project.

We study people in their daily lives

We are not a graphic agency - we are a UX studio creating products based on UX research.

There is no better way to understand a user's perspective than to give them a product and watch what he does. It is important to discover the real needs, pains and motivations to propose an effective solution and create the desired product.