One of the fastest growing UX / Product Design Studios from Poland.

We do collaborative design. Great products require hard work from both parts. We’ll involve you in the process since day one.

We work with the most demanding companies and we expect greatness from ourselves.

Enterprise UX / Dashboard

ePromak Next. Next gen of Trading Platform is coming.

Modern approach to design Trading Platform was the must have of this project. Intuitive appliaction based on workshop session with investors.

Mobile Apps

We consider ourselves as mobile gurus

We know how to design create usable and effective solutions. From idea, implementation through testing phase.

Design Sprint + Dashboard

We designed a new Fintech Startup from scratch

The whole project started as a 5-day long Design Sprint. The entire process of going from a problem to a business need through a concept and finally to release of a prototype and gathering user’s feedback.

incoming workshop

uxskills - 25 września 2019


We taught a whole new
generation of Product Designers

If you are interested in UX and want to raise your design skills to a higher level, our workshops are for you. Created by designers, researchers and product specialists.